Colin’s Grove – a lasting legacy

Three years ago a valued and committed volunteer with the Trust sadly died. His name was Colin Vyvyan and he was very much involved in our Lavernock Point Nature Reserve.

Colin was a lover of wildlife, his particular passion was butterflies, which meant that his involvement with Lavernock Point was very special as there are many butterflies to be found upon the meadow and in the glades. Purple hairstreak butterflies hide in the tree tops, whilst ringlet, meadow brown, gatekeeper, tortoiseshell, comma, red admiral and painted lady can all be seen in the two meadows.

He would, without fail, be out on the reserve on a Friday joining eight or so other committed volunteers. Their combined efforts mean this reserve is in wonderful condition, including the meadows which they cut using scythes.  His love and commitment has also been recognised by his friends, one of the groves they have created on the reserve has been named Colin’s Grove.

When we met Colin his commitment shone through and his belief that wealth should not be inherited was strongly held, this is why Colin left a legacy to the Wildlife Trust. He wanted us to spend money on habitat management for butterflies and to inspire people to love wildlife in the same way he had.

True to what he has asked us to do we are now investing his legacy in butterfly habitats, in Lavernock Point (the volunteers are choosing how to spend some of the money), and on a number of projects around the Vale, east Glamorgan and the Valleys which involve people and butterflies!

Peacock Butterfly Bob Coyle

Peacock Butterfly Bob Coyle

If you are interested in knowing more about legacies and how to leave something lasting for wildlife please do get in touch on 01656 724100 Jon Cooper will be able to assist.