Brynna – an update on one of our newest nature reserves

During August, a very successful series of Bushcraft events and work parties were organised. Despite the weather, local children were involved in wood carving, shelter building, fire making and other activities. Wildlife Trust Staff and volunteers put in several new oak benches and way-markers for the community footpaths as well as litter picking and path maintenance.

Brynna polelathe activity

Brynna polelathe activity photo by Tim Jones

Further benches and interpretation panels will be installed over the coming months. Also leaflets with information about Brynna reserve will be available shortly.

A recent survey of the reserve has identified nearly 200 species of flowering plants and trees along with slow worms, common lizards, grass snakes and adders. Over recent times over 60 species of birds have been recorded in and around the reserve. These are in addition to the resident population of the protected dormouse, fox, rabbits, wood mice and on occasions visits by otters!

Biffaward has provided significant funding to enable us to engage with people on this project. It has allowed us to run events with young people getting them excited and engaged with the wildlife on their doorstep.

Biffaward is an grant giving body which provides support to environmental projects within a close proximity to a landfill project.