Sykes Cottages

Sykes Cottages value the natural landscape of the UK and is proud to be working with the Wildlife Trust of South and West Wales  to protect and preserve this part of Wales for the future.

Sykes LogoWith more than 400 self-catering holiday cottages in south and west Wales, Sykes Cottages are keen to support the work of the Wildlife Trust of South and West Wales .  In partnership with the cottage owners, Sykes Cottages are already working to care for the natural environment.  By becoming a corporate partner of  the Wildlife Trust of South and West Wales, Sykes is proud to continue this work.

Sykes know that one of the primary reasons so many tourists flock to this part of Wales throughout the year is the beauty of the natural landscape.  Any failure to preserve the landscape and the habitat of rare plants and animals will dramatically impact upon the natural beauty of the area and its appeal to tourists.  As such, Sykes Cottages are committed to supporting the preservation of the some of the most precious areas of the Welsh landscape through its corporate membership with the Trust.

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