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Welcome and thank you to who join us as corporate members, supporting wildlife across south and west Wales.

Holiday are delighted to be able to support the work of the Wildlife Trust of South and West Wales by becoming a corporate partner.

It is extremely important to preserve natural landscapes like this across the UK and with over 50 cottages in Wales, feel it is important to work with the Wildlife Trust of South West Wales to do this.

The Welsh environment is not only a rich habitat for a vast range of fascinating species, but its natural beauty has a massive impact on tourism. Without the means to maintain a location of this value, the appeal to visitors would be lost. are proud to be a supporter and to be able to help the Wildlife Trust of South and West Wales to continue caring for this beautiful part of the world.

Corporate and Individual Membership ensures a stable income which protects our special wildlife. Without this kind of funding it would be difficult to protect the 90 or so wildlife reserves or work with people to protect what is in their back yard.