Feed the Birds this Winter!

Make a WILD Pine Cone Bird Feeder. 🙂

Help feed our feathered friends this winter!

Help feed our feathered friends this winter!

At this time of the year many insects, seeds and fruits are in short supply and the garden birds really appreciate a helping hand with food and fresh water.

You could help and have fun by making a feeder containing fat, seeds and nuts which will encourage birds to your garden and give you the pleasure of watching their behaviours. Who knows, you may even spot a bird that you’ve never seen in your garden before!

What you’ll need:
• pine cone
• fat/suet
• bird seed and/or nuts
• a small piece of twine/string to hang the feeder.
You’ll also need a knife, a bowl to mix the ingredients and some warm soapy water to wash your hands afterwards. It is a pretty sticky activity!

A couple of days before you make the feeder, bring your pine cone inside somewhere warm to encourage it to open up more. That way it’ll be easier to fill with the fat and seeds.

What to do:
1. Tie the twine/string securely around the top of the pine cone. This is to hang it when finished.
2. Chop up the fat into small pieces and put in the bowl
3. Pour the nuts and seeds into the bowl and squish them together with the fat using your hands
4. Holding the pine cone in one hand, use your other hand to scoop up and press the mixture into the gaps on the pine cone.
5. Continue until all the gaps are filled
6. Finally, hang your feeder somewhere open and safe where the birds can visit without being ambushed by cats or other predators. A nearby bush is ideal to provide birds with a safe place to dash to if disturbed or to check that it is safe before feeding.

Why not visit our online web shop for a book to help you identify the birds you see, or purpose built feeders/homes for the visitors to your garden.

Pine Cone Bird Feeder

Also did you know that when you buy bird food from Vine House Farm they donate to your local Wildlife Trust with each purchase?

All profits from sales support our conservation work.