Winter work starts

The grand total for marsh fritillary larval webs at Rhos Glyn yr Helyg was an amazing 671! Last year’s total was 42 so this is a massive increase. They also covered the whole site. I look forward to seeing the adults next summer.

Autumn spiderwebs - Em Foot

Autumn spiderwebs - Em Foot

It was a lovely autumnal morning when we arrived at Coed Maidie to cut the meadow. We were greeted by the beautiful sight of dew covered spider webs sparkling in the sunlight, spreading out in front of us. Unfortunately this was the area we were there to cut. Luckily we only cut half the meadow in any year so we didn’t take them all out. As the day warmed and the sun got warmer they disappeared from sight.

Our winter work programme has started: at Coed Penglanowen we spent a day clearing overhanging and fallen branches along the boundary; we did some woodland thinning at Coed Maidie B Goddard and cut a coupe at Pant Da; cut brambles to keep a gateway and access open at Rhos Glyn yr Helyg and to open up a bluebell glade in Old Warren Hill and at Rhos Marion we did some meadow edge management to stop encroachment.

This month there were 7 dormice, a woodmouse, a pigmy shrew and 4 bats found in the dormouse and bird boxes when we checked at Cwm Clettwr. Again 2 of the dormice were found in a previously unused box on the riverside in an area they haven’t been found in before last month. Quite a few unoccupied dormouse nests were also found.

Thank you very much to everyone who has helped this month. If you would like to volunteer with us in Ceredigion there are work parties on a Wednesday and Thursday out on the reserves, year round, contact Em on 07980932332 or or to find out more about Ceredigion reserves visit the reserves page.