Winter Woodland Working Ceredigion

Coed Maidie B Goddard coupe

Coed Maidie B Goddard coupe

Over the winter we’ve done a lot of tree felling, mostly to finish our Better Woodlands Wales grant work. We’ve thinned the woods at Pant Da and Coed Maidie B Goddard and cut coupes in both of these reserves as well. We’ve also fitted in some water vole habitat improvement works at Cors Ian where we’ve cut back some willow that was over-shading a stream- there were a few wet feet!

Now that’s all done we’ve moved on to attacking the brambles that threaten our grasslands, encroaching from the sides and springing up in the middle of the meadows! We cleared lots in Old Warren Hill too where they were encroaching the paths and covering the bluebells carpets. Blackthorn and gorse growing in the wrong place don’t escape us either!

Weekend work parties at Cwm Clettwr have been working on halo thinning the birch around the oaks, hazels and rowans and removing any rogue western hemlocks. Contractors have also been in and worked on some of the larger western hemlocks on the south side where bigger oaks are struggling to survive amongst them.

There has been some halo thinning and some ring barking and there is a lot more light getting through to the floor now and room for the oaks to grow.