The Woods of Ceredigion

December in Ceredigion…

Another month of mostly woodland work.

We returned to Coed Maidie B Goddard’s woodland and continued the coppicing and thinning we had started previously. Volunteers from Carmarthenshire and Pembrokeshire joined us for one day of this, really swelling the numbers and allowing us to get lots done but this is a big job with lots left to do! You can hear a podcast and see some photos of  our work here (YouTube video)

Volunteers at Coed Maidie B Goddard

Volunteers at Coed Maidie B Goddard

In Old Warren Hill there has been a lot of work on the sycamores, both by contractors and volunteers. The contractors have been working on the larger trees, generally with decaying trunk bases and the volunteers have been clearing some dense areas of smaller trees.

Trees have also been felled in Pant Da as part of a general thin. This was the first work party of the New Year with a record turn out! The sun also came out and made the day very enjoyable with an overwintering chiffchaff, a robin, a frog and a ladybird all putting in appearances.

As well has woodlands we have worked on a couple of rhos pasture reserves: Rhos Pil Bach and Rhos Glyn yr Helyg, where we cleared scrub from around the field edges. We also got very wet doing some flood damage repair at Coed Penglanowen in the pouring rain just before Christmas
woodland work and scrub clearance continue this month.

Thank you very much to everyone who has helped this month. If you would like to volunteer with us in Ceredigion there are work parties twice a week out on the reserves, year round, contact Em on 07980932332 or to find out more about Ceredigion reserves visit: