Mostly scrub

Our winter work programme is drawing to a close with spring on the doorstep.

Coed Maidie B Goddard has had a lot of work done on it this winter but there is still plenty to do so we spent a day clearing some pretty large patches of brambles from the top meadow. We’ve also cleared blackthorn and brambles at

Woodland management

Woodland management

Caeau Llety Cybi, birch and willow from the rhos pasture at Pennar Fawr, willow and bramble from the meadow edge at Rhos Marion and willow and birch from the bog at Cors Ian to improve the watervole habitat.

There are a lot of droopy willow trees in the meadows at Rhos Glandenys. Their branches shade out the grassland species underneath and reshoot when they reach the floor spreading further. To prevent this and protect the rhos pasture we have cut back some of the overhanging branches and created habitat piles. A large rhododendron was cut down last year so we have also been keeping on top of the regrowth.

Another beautiful sunny day was spent clearing the birch regeneration from one of the heathy outcrops at Cwm Clettwr. Having cleared most of the top last time we moved down one side, where the trees are slightly bigger having not been cleared in the recent past. As usual we left any oaks, hazels and rowans but did remove a few Western hemlock. Habitat piles were built in areas of no heather.

Old Warren Hill Sycamore by E Foot

Old Warren Hill by E Foot

The brambles have already started to grow so we spent a day cutting them back from the paths in Old Warren Hill- makes you realise how long the paths really are! The bluebells have started to show through across the reserve so we look forward to another good display in May.

Thank you very much to everyone who has helped this month. If you would like to volunteer with us in Ceredigion there are work parties on a Wednesday and Thursday out on the reserves, year round, contact Em on 07980932332 or or find out more about Ceredigion reserves