Marsh Fritillaries and Dormice in Ceredigion

Marsh fritillary larval web surveys were carried out on Rhos Pil Bach and Rhos Glyn Yr Helyg but unfortunately we didn’t find any despite the large amounts of devil’s bit scabious on both sites. There hasn’t been any found on Rhos Glyn yr Helyg for several years but they have been clinging on at Rhos Pil Bach so hopefully they are still there and we just didn’t see them.

Brushcutting Coed Maidie Meadow Em Foot

Brushcutting Coed Maidie Meadow Em Foot

At Cors Ian the green lane was cut both to keep the path open and to stop the brambles taking over. The area in front of the stables was also cleared. The brush cutter had another work out on the meadow at Coed Maidie where dense vegetation makes it hard work to cut, rake and pile. The rain made it even harder. Whilst we were there we also cleared a large branch that had fallen and removed overhanging dead wood from an area of the woodland. Looking under a refugia (placed on site a couple of years ago) I came across a sloughed grass snake skin- a first for the site.

The Local Record Centre organised a Recorders day at Rhos Marion this month. Arthur Chater and Steve Chambers both attended and there is now a vegetation and lichen list for the site as well as a few fungi, one of which has not been recorded in this Vice County before. The results also seemed to compare favourably with Arthur’s list from 1983. It will be good to see if we can add to this in the spring.

At Cwm Clettwr dormouse box surveys continued. On opening one box a little nose popped out but soon escaped out of the back of the box. On inspecting the partial nest in the box it could have been a dormouse but we’re not sure as other mice will use the boxes- a wood mouse has been found several times in one of them. Fingers crossed the next survey will be more conclusive. Most of the other boxes were home to woodlice, slugs and spiders.

More sycamore saplings have been cleared from the hill at Coed Penglanowen and already the area is looking much lighter and open. The straighter sticks will be used to create more causeway sections through the boggy areas in the reserve. I was pleased to see a previously built section providing access across a flooded area when I visited the other day. Contractors have been working in the reserve too removing and treating rhododendron and felling several hazard trees.

A large patch of dead gorse was cleared at Rhos Glyn Yr Helyg.

Volunteers from Warwickshire had their 6th weekend in Ceredigion this month. This time they helped clear lots of dead and potentially dangerous wood and trees from Pant Da. After a morning of torrential rain to welcome them back to Wales the sun did put in an appearance in the afternoon but everyone still went home drenched.

Thank you very much to everyone who has helped this month. If you would like to volunteer with us in Ceredigion there are work parties twice a week out on the reserves, year round, contact Em on 07980932332 or to find out more about Ceredigion reserves visit: