Hedge Laying and Trees in Ceredigion

This month has mostly been woodland work. Two days were spent in Coed Simdde Lwyd cutting coupe number 2 to increase the age structure. There are lots of young saplings coming through already so hopefully this will help them develop into mature trees. We also left some standing dead wood. There are 4 more coupes to cut throughout the woodland in the next few years. The sun even shone down onto the woodland floor on one of the days.

Old Warren Hill Sycamore by E Foot

Old Warren Hill Sycamore by E Foot

Another dense patch of sycamore was cut in Old Warren Hill. More dead-wood was removed from over the paths in Pant Da, finishing the job we started last month.  A great use for the pole saw. Volunteers from the Wildlife Trust and CCW spent two days hedge-laying at Caeau Llety Cybi, carrying on from the stretch started this time last year which is already developing well.

In Coed Maidie there were a few fallen branches to clear away after the storms. We also started work in the woodland where there are quite a few old hazel trees in need of coppicing and areas needing thinning to allow more light in. We’ll be going back to do some more on this.

As a slight change from woodlands we did a day scrub clearing at Pennar Fawr but also did some tree safety works along the road. Next month we’ll be doing more woodland work and scrub clearance.

Thank you very much to everyone who has helped this month. If you would like to volunteer with us in Ceredigion there are work parties twice a week out on the reserves, year round, contact Em on 07980932332 or to find out more about Ceredigion reserves on our reserves page