Dormice and Gorse in Ceredigion

After last month’s possible sighting of a dormouse at Cwm Clettwr we were more successful this month finding two very cute dormice in one of the boxes and 3 other nests in different boxes, including two in bird boxes. Surveys have finished for this year now as the dormice are going into hibernation but the boxes will stay up and surveying will continue next spring.

Scrub was cleared from some of the many openings between fields on Rhos Marion, allowing easier access. A few more ragworts, that had escaped our previous attempts, were also pulled. A single large area of “leggy” gorse was cut back on the hillside at Cors Ian. There was still ground vegetation under the gorse (rather than the often seen bare earth) so hopefully this will flourish. The gorse was left in habitat piles and stacked around trees to protect them from pony nibbling.

Coed Simdde Lwyd the new path by Tir Coed

Coed Simdde Lwyd the new path by Tir Coed

After all the wind and wet weather we’ve had a day was spent in the woodlands at Coed Maidie B Goddard clearing overhanging dead branches and path-side dead trees. A contractor has also removed some more dead, road-side trees from Pant Da.

I visited the Tir Coed group who are building a new path in Coed Simdde Lwyd to complete a circular walk. They’ve generally been lucky with the weather and on the day I visited it was glorious sunshine. I was amazed how far they have progressed in a few short sessions. Hopefully the group will also be making some rustic benches for the reserve using oak cut on site.

Thank you very much to everyone who has helped this month. If you would like to volunteer with us in Ceredigion there are work parties twice a week out on the reserves, year round, contact Em on 07980932332 or or to find out more about Ceredigion reserves visit: