The Cletwr Trail- A healthy and fun activity for families.

If you are looking for a fun outdoor activity to share with your family after Christmas visit Siop Cynfelyn, in Tre’r ddol, and take part in the Cletwr Trail.

The trail, which begins and ends at the Community Shop- Siop Cynfelyn follows local paths, mostly through Cwm Clettwr Nature Reserve (managed by WTSWW). It is a simple hide and seek game designed mainly for families with children aged between 4 and 11 years. Groups with younger children, or adults without children are welcome to take part too. The event will take between one and two hours to complete.

Cletwr trailEach participating family will be given a simple map showing the route of the trail. The route is moderately strenuous and can be muddy, so appropriate footwear and clothing will be necessary.

Hidden in fairly conspicuous places along the route will be pictures of the shop's mascot, Cletwr the Otter. At the bottom of each otter picture there will be two letters: a red one for Welsh speaking families and a green one for those speaking English.

Families will need to write down the appropriate collection of letters and on their return to the shop organise the letters into a simple sentence. Families that complete the sentence will receive a small reward.

The trail is organised and run by the Cletwr Community Shop. There is no charge for taking part, they just hope families will spend a bit of time and money in the shop or cafe while they sort out the prize winning sentence. For opening times see

The trail will be maintained from 28th December 2013until 2nd February 2014 so there will be lots of opportunity to take part.