Sightings Update 04/08/2018: Bottlenose dolphins

Survey Type:
Land Based Sightings
August 4, 2018
Species Recorded:
Surveys Conducted:

Survey Observations

Weather Conditions: Overcast to fair and sun/mist, wind direction NE – NW, sea state 1-3

Despite being recorded in the bay from early in the morning, bottlenose dolphins were first sighted close to the survey point during the afternoon; where three adults and two younger animals came within 20 metres of the harbour wall. Our volunteers witnessed fascinating behaviour as one mother was thought to be teaching her calf to hunt – seen often catching fish before offering it to her young.

One adult named Harvey was seen chasing and holding fish at the surface, while Cadi and Caisson were also identified alongside individual ‘036’ – a grouping that has been seen a few times over the past days.

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