Sighting Update 09/06/2018: Bottlenose Dolphins

Survey Type:
Land Based Sightings
June 9, 2018
Species Recorded:
Bottlenose dolphins
Surveys Conducted:

Survey Observations

Weather conditions: Rain / Overcast, sea state: 1, wind direction NW – SW

Bottlenose Dolphins were the only marine mammal spotted throughout the day, and these intern were spotted only sparsely during the day. A decent start to the day saw a number of different groups of Bottlenose Dolphins foraging in the bay off the cardinal marker. This behaviour continued throughout all of the morning’s surveys, with many different groups of Dolphins seen foraging off the cardinal buoy and moving across the bay. However, no sightings were recorded during the afternoon’s surveys until the final land watch of the day where a large group of Dolphins were observed foraging shortly off New Quay head.