Sighting update: 03/08/2018: Bottlenose dolphins, Atlantic grey seals

Survey Type:
Boat Based Sightings
August 3, 2018
Surveys Conducted:

Survey Observations

Weather conditions: dry, mist and rain, Wind direction: S – W, Sea state 1 – 2, light swell, visibility: 1 – 10km/>10km.

Three boat based surveys were conducted by our LivingSeas volunteers across both the Sulaire and Anna Lloyd. Volunteers were lucky enough to experience several encounters of bottlenose dolphins, observing these animals foraging, socialising and occasionally breaching from the water. Many Atlantic grey seals were also observed, both bottling and hauled out along the rocks of the Ceredigion coastline, as well as a rare encounter that saw a pair of seals vocalizing loudly to one another.