4/04/15 “Daily” the Common Dolphin

2hr Survey. Start time 09:00
Weather Conditions: Overcast/dull, sea state 3, wind direction NW

No sightings of Daily for the first survey.

2hr Survey. Start time 11:00
Weather Conditions: Overcast but improving, sea state 3, wind direction NW

Still no sighting of Daily but a lot of sea birds in the area near the harbour wall.

2hr Survey. Start time 13:00
Weather Conditions: Sunny with few clouds, sea state 3, wind direction NW
One common dolphin

The first sighting of “Daily” at the start of the survey and throughout it, the harbour was busy so there was a lot of a boat interaction with him with the all of them bar one obeying the code of conduct. The one that didn’t was a sailing boat but “Daily’s” behaviour wasn’t affected.

2hr Survey. Start time 15:00
Weather Conditions: Sunny, sea state 2, Wind direction W
One common dolphin

Daily was spotted again around his usually buoys and hadn’t been disturbed much by the boat activity in the harbour. All boats obeyed the code of conduct and his behaviour didn’t change after any of the interactions.