04/06/15: 28 bottlenose dolphins and 1 Atlantic grey seal

2hr survey. Start time: 10:15
Weather conditions: sea state 2, visibility >10km, light swell
Three bottlenose dolphins and one Atlantic grey seal.

When the survey started there was an already one adult bottlenose dolphin in the harbour area. This first dolphin was spotted 300m from the boat immediately after the survey started this dolphin was observed to be foraging. The next encounter occurred halfway into the survey in which a atlantic grey seal was spotted 200m away from the boat in the water. The final encounter of this survey was a pair of adult dolphins being spotted engaging in a number of different behaviours including foraging, bow riding and tail slapping 150m away from the boat.

2hr survey. Start time: 12:33
Weather conditions: sea state 2-3, visibility >10km, light swell
Eleven bottlenose dolphins.

The first encounter of this boat survey was a group of three bottlenose dolphins were spotted just in front of the boat nearly an hour into the survey. These three dolphins were engaging in logging behaviour. A different group of dolphins was spotted soon after and they were very excitable with a lot of fast circling and leaping and tail slapping behaviour. These dolphins also engaged in bow riding behaviour however once the survey moved off down the coast there were no more sightings.

3hr survey. Start time 14:57
Weather conditions: sea state 3-2, visibility >10km, light swell
Fourteen bottlenose dolphins

Our first sighting was a mother and calf travelling east-south-east and foraging, at the very beginning of our survey. Then about ten minutes later three adult bottlenose dolphins were sighted travelling east and feeding. Just before the end of the first hour a pod of nine bottlenose dolphins were sighted two of which were juveniles and one was a calf. They came right up to the boat and began leaping, they travelled north-east.