30/10/2015: 12 bottlenose dolphins, two harbour porpoises, and 11 Atlantic grey seals

2hr survey. Start time 10:19
Weather conditions: sea state 1-2, visibility >10km, light-moderate swell
Nine bottlenose dolphins and five Atlantic grey seals

Dolphins were spotted early on this trip, while still in the vicinity of New Quay harbour. These consisted of two individual dolphins and a group of three, including one juvenile. They were engaging in leaping and travelling behaviours. Throughout the middle part of the trip, five individual adult Atlantic grey seals were spotted, some hauled out, and some in the water. While coming back around New Quay headland, a group of three adult bottlenose dolphins was seen travelling and tail slapping. Closer in to the harbour, one further individual dolphin was spotted.

2hr survey. Start time 12:28
Weather conditions: sea state 2-3, visibility >10km, light swell
Three bottlenose dolphins and two Atlantic grey seals

Again, dolphins were spotted very early on in the survey, with a group of two adults spotted foraging and leaping close in to the harbour. A short while later, an adult female Atlantic grey seal was seen hauled out near to target rock. Midway through the survey, an Atlantic grey seal was spotted in the water near to Ynys Lochtyn. On the way back into New Quay, a female grey seal was spotted hauled out near to target rock again, assumed to be the same individual spotted earlier in the survey. Finally, a single bottlenose dolphin was spotted foraging near the harbour.

2hr survey. Start time 14:19
Weather conditions: sea state 1-3, visibility >10km, light-moderate swell
Two Atlantic grey seals and two harbour porpoises

Near the start of this survey, a lone female, Atlantic grey seal was seen hauled out. This same individual was also spotted on the return in to New Quay harbour. In addition, a female Atlantic grey seal was spotted in the water around half way through the survey. Towards the end of the survey, two harbour porpoises were seen breaching.