30/10/2014 – Bottlenose dolphins and Atlantic grey seals

2hr survey. start time 0900
Weather conditions: overcast/fair, sea state 1, wind SW
Seven bottlenose dolphins

Approximately half way into the survey a mother and calf could be seen foraging off New Quay head by the fish factory. Shortly after more animals entered the bay leaving two foraging near the cardinal buoy, one close in, just off the harbour wall and four, including one calf, foraging in the bay, north of the harbour wall. These animals moved around the bay, coming close into the harbour wall to forage on multiple occasions, and jumping and splashing close in. By the final 15 minutes of the survey only one dolphin could be see, jumping and splashing near the fish factory.

2hr survey. start time 1100
Weather conditions: overcast, sea state 2, wind S
10 bottlenose dolphins and two Atlantic grey seals.

At the beginning of the survey five bottlenose dolphins could be seen foraging in the bay north of the harbour wall. These animals came in closer and were joined by a sixth individual, and began leaping just in front of the harbour wall. after around half an hour five dolphins moved back out to the fish factory, leaving a single animal foraging by the harbour wall, whilst a single Atlantic grey seal was also seen in the area, swimming south along the cliffs towards Traeth Dolau. For some time this seal was the only activity in the bay, before it was joined by a second Atlantic grey seal just after half way through the survey. just before the end of the survey four bottlenose dolphins entered the bay from the west, and traveled east across the bay with leaps and jumps.

2hr survey. start time 1300
Weather conditions: overcast/fair, sea state 1, wind SW-SE
18 bottlenose dolphins

Immediately at the beginning of the survey seven bottlenose dolphins could be seen across the bay. Two had begun foraging by the cardinal buoy, and five animals were travelling east across the bay towards them. After a short while foraging all the animals traveled back west across the bay and disappeared around New Quay headland. After a quiet fifteen minutes, dolphins once again appeared off New Quay headland, jumping and splashing. Shortly afterwards as the animals traveled across the bay 11 dolphins could be seen. There was at least one of these was a young animal. These animals traveled across and foraged by the cardinal buoy. Those on the wall had some wonderful sightings of jumps, lunges, tail slaps and general showy, splashy behavior. After foraging for some time all the animals traveled back west out of the bay.