30/05/13: Bottlenose Dolphin and Atlantic Grey Seal

2hr survey, Start time 9:00
Weather Conditions: Fair-Overcast, sea state 3-4, wind NW
One Bottlenose Dolphin and One Atlantic Grey Seal

A single bottlenose dolphin was spotted early in to the survey. It was surfacing at irregular periods and undertaking long sporadic dives. A Grey seal was also visible later in the survey and was spotted near the fish factory.

2hr survey, Start time 11:00
Weather Conditions: Overcast, sea state 5, wind NNW-W.

2 grey seals were spotted throughout the survey, both individuals were female and were recorded around the fish factory.

2hr survey, Start time 13:00
Weather Conditions: Fair/overcast-sunny, sea state 4, wind NNW-W.

No sightings.

2hr survey, Start time 15:00
Weather Conditions: Fair-Sunny, sea state 4-5, wind N-NW.

No sightings.