29/08/2014 – Bottlenose dolphins and Atlantic Grey Seals

2hr survey. start time 0700
Weather conditions: Fair/sunny/overcast, Sea state 1-4, wind S.
Three bottlenose dolphins, one Atlantic Grey Seal

Dolphins were seen for forty five minutes during this survey. The majority of the survey they were seen near the cardinal buoy and near the harbour wall either foraging or travelling. The Atlantic Grey Seal was seen between the harbour wall and cardinal buoy.

2hr survey. start time 0900
Weather conditions: Fair/Overcast, Sea state 3, wind SE/ESE.
Three bottlenose dolphins

Several dolphins were sighted throughout the survey in different locations within the bay. The dolphins were foraging for the majority of the survey and occasionally travelling to different areas for feeding. The areas where the dolphins were sighted were near the harbour wall and near the cardinal buoy.

2hr survey. start time 1100
Weather conditions: Overcast/Rain/Mist, Sea state 3, wind SE/S/SSE.
Three bottlenose dolphins, One Atlantic Grey Seal.

Bottlenose dolphins were seen throughout the survey, with two foraging near the cardinal buoy for the entirety of the survey, being joined by another individual half way through the survey, and the Atlantic grey seal being seen near Dolau Beach.

2hr survey. start time 1300
Weather conditions: overcast/fair, Sea state 3-4, wind W.
Five Bottlenose Dolphins

Dolphins were seen throughout the entire survey showing a range of behaviours from milling at the surface, foraging and travelling within the bay around the harbour wall and cardinal buoy. Many dolphins joined the first two which were seen at the beginning of the survey.

2hr survey. Start time 1500
Weather conditions: overcast, Sea state 3-4, Wind W.
Four bottlenose dolphin

Four bottlenose dolphins were seen within the first fifteen minutes of the survey foraging near the fish factory, but then weren’t seen for the rest of the survey duration.

2hr survey. Start time 1700
Weather conditions: overcast/rain, Sea state 3-4, Wind SE/E/SSW.
Seven bottlenose dolphins and two Atlantic grey seals

Dolphins were spotted during the survey showing a range of different behaviours from leaping, foraging and travelling. The locations were these dolphins were sighted was within the harbour and near the wall then near the fish factory and cardinal buoy. The two individual Atlantic grey seals were sighted near Dolau beach.