29/08/2014 – 15 bottlenose dolphins

1 ½ hr survey. Start time 11:40
Weather conditions: sea state 1-4, visibility >10km, light/moderate swell.
Seven bottlenose dolphins.

The first group of three dolphins including a calf were seen travelling near Birds rock. The second group there were two dolphins including a calf again which were sighted offshore from Birds rock again near New Quay bay.  The last sighting of two dolphins which were seen to be foraging were sighted again near New Quay which was near the end of the survey.

1 ½ hr survey. Start time 1300
Weather conditions: Sea state ranging 2-5, visibility >10km, Light to moderate swell.
Eight Bottlenose dolphins.

The first group of three bottlenose dolphins were sighted travelling offshore from New Quay bay and also seen surfing within the waves. The second group of five dolphins were also seen doing the same behaviours near the harbour within New Quay.