29/06/11: 17 bottlenose dolphins, 2 harbour porpoise and 1 Atlantic grey seal

1.5hr survey. Start time 10:03
Weather conditions: sea state 3, visibility >10km, light swell

At 10:06 two juvenile bottlenose dolphins were spotted 40m from the boat near the fish factory.
The second sighting came at 11:16 when two adult bottlenose dolphins were seen foraging 20m from the boat, again near the fish factory.

1.5hr survey. Start time 11:33.
Weather conditions: sea state 3-4, visibility >10km, light swell

One bottlenose dolphin was seen foraging in front of the harbour wall and a further two bottlenose dolphins were seen in front of the Dolau Beach leaping and foraging in various directions.

1.5hr survey. Start time 12.59
Weather conditions: sea state 2-3, visibility >10km, light swell

At 1.11pm four adult bottlenose dolphins were spotted travelling east just within the New quay harbour area. At 1.50pm two adult harbour porpoises were sighted just offshore of Trwyn Crou. Kittiwakes and gannets were also sighted. At 2.16pm one female Atlantic grey seal was sighted in the water just off New Quay headland. Finally at 2.19pm two adult bottlenose dolphins were sighted travelling west in the New Quay headland area.

1.5hr survey. Start time 14.34
Weather conditions: sea state 2-4, visibility >10km, light swell

At 15.15 one adult Atlantic grey seal was seen in the water north offshore from Castell Bach.

1.5hr survey. Start time 16:03
Weather conditions: sea state 2-4, visibility >10km, light swell
No sightings