29/05/12: 19 bottlenose dolphins and seven Atlantic grey seals

Survey Type:
Boat Based Sightings
Species Recorded:
Surveys Conducted:

Survey Observations

2 hr survey; Start time: 11:06
Weather conditions: Sea state: 0-2; visibility: >10km, light swell
13 bottlenose dolphins and four Atlantic grey seal

An adult and a juvenile bottlenose dolphin were seen foraging between the pier and the fish factory, followed by a sighting of an adult and calf foraging off the coast west of New Quay.  Four Atlantic grey seals were seen in the water between Cwmtydu and Ynys-Lochtyn.  A further two groups of bottlenose dolphins was seen north of Cwmtydu, consisting of five adults and one juvenile, and two adults with one juvenile; both were travelling SW.

2hr survey; Start time: 13:00
Weather conditions: Sea state 1; visibility >10km, light swell
Six bottlenose dolphin and three Atlantic grey seal

A male and female Atlantic grey seal were spotted in the water near Ynys-Lochtyn, with a solitary female sighted soon after.  Five adult bottlenose dolphins with one juvenile were seen further off shore travelling south.