28/10/11: 39 Atlantic grey seals and 7 Harbour porpoise

All day survey. Start time 09:02
Weather conditions: sea state 1-4, visibility >10km, light-medium swell
39 Atlantic grey seals and 7 Harbour porpoise

The first sightings were not seen until we reached Aberporth, with two sightings of harbour porpoise offshore. One group of two animals were travelling south towards the cost while the other group of three were foraging. A male Atlantic grey seal was also seen offshore at Aberporth. There was one sighting of one grey seal bottling at the surface at mwnt. There were eight separate sightings of seals at port cardigan. A total of eight seals were seen in the water either bottling or swimming and 23 were hauled out on the beach. On the return journey past mwnt one female grey seal was sighted swimming in the water. There was one female grey seal seen bottling in the water at Aberporth. A further three separate sightings of grey seals were recorded at Pen-y-bodell, including two individuals and one male and female pair. Offshore Pen-y-bodell two harbour porpoise were sighted travelling west at high speed.