28/05/2016: 15 Bottlenose Dolphins and One Atlantic Grey Seal

2hr survey. Start time 10:50
Weather condition: sea state 1, visibility 1-10km, light swell

During the two hour survey there were many sightings. Four bottlenose dolphins were seen during the start of the survey one of these was a juvenile. These were milling and were spotted starboard of the boat around 100m away near birds rock. Gannets were also seen associating with the dolphins, there were around 50 individuals. An Atlantic Grey Seal was also seen around 20m from the port side of the boat near Ynys Lochtyn. Then during the end of the survey, another group of bottlenose dolphins was seen near birds rock but around 400m port side of the boat. There were four individuals including a juvenile. These were travelling north westerly.

2hr survey. Start time 12:50
Weather condition: sea state 1, visibility 1-10km, light swell

On the second boat survey of the day, seven Bottlenose Dolphins were sighted just passed Cum Tyde. Three of these were calves. They were milling and were sighted around 70m from the boat. There were some interesting bird sightings during the survey as well. There were many Cormorants, Guillemots and Razorbills.