28/04/2012: Bottlenose dolphins and Atlantic grey seal

2hr survey Start time: 09:00

Weather conditions: Overcast to fair, sea state 4-3, wind direction NNE/NE

 No sightings

 2hr survey Start time: 11:00

Weather conditions: Fair to sunny, sea state 3, wind direction N

 In the latter half of the survey, one Atlantic grey seal was observed east of the pier heading north, and 2 separate bottlenose dolphins were seen northeast of the pier heading east and northeast.

 2hr survey Start time: 13:00

Weather conditions: Sunny/fair, sea state 3, wind direction N/NE

 No sightings

 2hr survey Start time: 15:00

Weather conditions: Fair to overcast, sea state 3-4, wind direction NE

 No sightings