29/06/2013: 23 Bottlenose dolphins and one harbour porpoise

4 hour survey. Start time: 10:00
Weather conditions: sea state 1-3; visibility >10km, light swell
13 Bottlenose Dolphins and one Harbour Porpoise.

(Anna Lloyd) At the start of the survey a single adult dolphin was sighted just off the fish factory in New Quay foraging. Another dolphin was also foraging in the area slightly further along the coast. A harbour porpoise was sighted alone foraging offshore to Llangrannog.
Offshore to Aberporth eight bottlenose dolphins, five adults and three calves were seen travelling west, leaping and bow riding. A further two dolphins were seen bow riding on the return into New Quay. Other sightings included a puffin seen in the waters by the bird colonies.

1.5 hour survey. Start time: 12:30
Weather conditions: sea state 2; visibility >10km, light swell
Four bottlenose dolphins

(Sulaire) A group of three adults and one calf dolphins were seen foraging in the waters by Birds Rock.

2 hour survey. Start time: 14:30
Weather conditions: sea state 2-3; visibility >10km, light-moderate swell
Six bottlenose dolphins

(Anna Lloyd) A group of two adult dolphins were spotted off Ynys Lochtyn initially foraging and leaping then approaching the boat and ‘head slapping’ the water. Soon after, three adult dolphins and a calf were seen in close contact; socialising, tail slapping and bow riding.