26/09/2017: Bottlenose dolphins, Atlantic grey seals and Harbour Porpoises

8hr survey, start time 09:40
Weather conditions: sea state 1-3, visibility >10, light swell
40 bottlenose dolphins, 5 harbour porpoises and 4 Atlantic grey seals

Throughout the day there were ten separate groups of Bottlenose Dolphins, two groups of Harbour Porpoise and four individual Atlantic Grey Seals spotted by the crew of the Anna Lloyd or #LivingSeas volunteers throughout the 8-hour boat survey. Between New Quay and Yns Lochtyn five separate groups of bottlenose dolphins were spotted, culminating in a group of thirteen individuals which were spotted leaping, foraging, tail-slapping and feeding on fish close to the surface. For the first time this month, groups of harbour porpoise were also spotted off the boat, with one of three adults spotted near to Mwnt. Four separate Atlantic Grey Seals were also spotted off the boat at various locations South of New Quay, swimming and bottling close to the boat, two of these were identified as bull seals and one as a female, the gender of the fourth individual was unidentified. Throughout the day numerous bird species were also sighted including Common Scoter, Dark-bellied Brent Geese and Gannets, also spotted close to the Coast near Cwmtydu were numerous Barrel Jellyfish and one was seen being eaten by a group of dolphins in the area.