26/07/2016: 24 Bottlenose dolphins, 13 Atlantic grey seals, four Harbour porpoise

3hr survey. Start time: 9:04
Weather conditions: sea state: 1-4, visibility >10km, light-moderate swell
12 Bottlenose dolphins, seven Atlantic grey seals

Approximately ten minutes into the survey, three bottlenose dolphins were observed foraging in proximity to the ‘fish factory’ before being sighted again half an hour later further down the coastline. A single female Atlantic grey seal was seen in the water, as well as a group of five were seen bottling as well further individual in the water. A group of three bottlenose dolphins, consisting of two adults and one juvenile, were seen travelling close to Cwm Tydu. A final further three dolphins, again consisting of two adults and one juvenile were sighted foraging, on approach to the harbour wall.

2hr survey. Start time: 10:41
Weather conditions: sea state: 1-2, visibility >10km, light-moderate swell
Four bottlenose dolphins, four Atlantic grey seals

Shortly into the survey, one bottlenose dolphin was seen travelling south. A single Atlantic grey seal was seen bottling in the water, with three more being seen approximately ten minutes later consisting of two bottling females and an individual swimming in the water. On returning to the harbour wall, three bottlenose dolphins were seen in the area surrounding the Cardinal marker. One was seen foraging closer to the harbour wall and a pair, made up of a juvenile and a adult, were seen foraging further to the south.

2hr survey. Start time: 12:00
Weather conditions: sea state: 1-4, visibility 1-10km/>10km /, light-moderate swell
Six bottlenose dolphins, one Atlantic grey seal

Immediately into the survey, three bottlenose dolphins, two adults and a calf, were seen foraging around the harbour wall. Two adults were seen later foraging and travelling to the south east. A single female Atlantic grey seal was then seen bottling in the water. Finally a single bottlenose dolphin was seen foraging in the area around harbour wall on return to New Quay.

2hr survey. Start time: 14:09
Weather conditions: sea state: 2/3, visibility 1-10km, light-moderate swell
Two bottlenose dolphins, two Atlantic grey seals, four harbour porpoise

Two adult bottlenose dolphins were seen foraging around five minutes into the survey in proximity to the harbour wall and the ‘fish factory’. A group of approximately 50 kittiwakes were then seen resting around Birds Rock. Three adult and one juvenile harbour porpoise were seen half an hour later, their behaviour indicated foraging and were accompanied by a flock of roughly 30 mixed gulls. Two female Atlantic grey seals were also seen in the water later on the survey period