26/06/2013: Atlantic Grey Seals, Bottlenose dolphins & Harbour Porpoise

9 Hour (all day survey). Start time 09:12
Weather conditions: sea state 0-3, visibility 0-1/1-10/>10km, light swell
34 bottlenose dolphins, three Atlantic grey seals, 11 harbour porpoises.

(Anna Lloyd) Two bottlenose dolphins were sighted at the start of the survey foraging in the harbour at New Quay, there were also six separate dolphins together including a calf also foraging in the harbour.
A female Atlantic grey seal was sighted in the water while travelling South West past the headland. Two dolphins, one of which was a calf were seen travelling South West just off the coast of Llangrannog. They were then joined by a group of dolphins which included 11 adults and one calf. In total 14 dolphins were together in this area. They were travelling North East and displaying leaping and bow riding as well as foraging behaviours.
As the boat travelled South along the coast away from Llangrannog a single Atlantic grey seal was sighted in the water.
Two Harbour porpoise, a mother and calf were sighted foraging in the water at Mwnt.
In the area just off Cardigan Island two bottlenose dolphins, a mother and calf were seen travelling North followed by a sighting of three harbour porpoise, two adults and a calf foraging in various areas around the boat. Shortly after this sighting another adult and calf Harbour porpoise were seen foraging while on the move.
As the boat travelled south from Cardigan Island a single harbour porpoise was sighted foraging followed by two harbour porpoise travelling North.
On the return journey a single Harbour Porpoise was seen heading towards Cardigan Island.
On travelling north a Atlantic Grey Seal was seen directly off the island.
Six Bottlenose dolphins, four adults and two juveniles were seen slowly travelling displaying leaping, tail slapping while milling around and socialising. They were sighted north of Llangrannog.
Three dolphins, two adults and a juvenile were seen just before Cwmtydu in various locations from the boat while travelling and leaping.
On the return into New Quay just off the headland a single bottlenose dolphin was seen travelling east thought to be foraging on the move.

1.5 hour survey. Start time: 10:52
Weather conditions: sea state 1, visibility >10km, light swell.
Five Bottlenose dolphins.

(Sulaire)One bottlenose dolphin was sighted at the start of the survey foraging at the cardinal buoy; the second sighting was also a bottlenose dolphin seen foraging directly in front of Cwmtydu.
As the boat travelled further along the coast three adult dolphins were seen just after Cwmtydu travelling south west. There were no further sightings.

1.5 hour survey. Start time: 12:30
Weather conditions: sea state 1, visibility >10km, light swell.
Two Atlantic grey seals and three bottlenose dolphins.

A single Grey seal was first sighted in the water just off Cwmtydu, as the boat travelled along the coast two adult bottlenose dolphins were seen travelling east.
A single dolphin was sighted foraging on the return journey of the boat followed by another sighting of an Atlantic grey seal in the water near Birds Rock.

1.5 hour survey. Start time: 13:56
Weather conditions: sea state 1, visibility >10km, light swell.
Two Bottlenose dolphins.

Two individuals were spotted during the trip. The first individual was spotted on the return leg and was thought to be foraging. A further individual was recorded soon after and was bow riding, before travelling in a south east direction and out of sight.

1.5 hour survey. Start time: 15:34
Weather conditions: sea state 1-2, visibility 1-10km->10km, light swell
Five Bottlenose Dolphins and Three Atlantic Grey Seals.

A single bottlenose dolphin was recorded foraging. A group of three grey seals were spotted in the water shortly afterwards. A pair of dolphins were then spotted leaping off the port side of the vessel. Another dolphin was spotted travelling and a further individual was recorded foraging at the very end of the survey.