25/10/10 – 23 bottlenose dolphins and four Atlantic grey seals

1.5hr start time: 10:41

Weather Conditions: sea state 2-3, >10km, swell light.

A total of six bottlenose dolphins were seen during the first survey trip. The first group of three was sighted ahead of the boat at a distance of around 1000m, leaping and tail slapping. A further group of three were sighted 400m ahead of the boat shortly afterward, foraging, with an associated group of herring gulls.

1.5hr start time: 12:09

Weather Conditions: sea state 2, >10km, swell light.

The second trip of the day yielded multiple sightings, with 11 bottlenose dolphins and three grey seals in total. The first group of four bottlenose dolphins was sighted, foraging and occasionally leaping off New Quay, shortly after another pair was sighted foraging only 80m from the boat. Travelling on toward Castell Bach there were two sightings of Atlantic grey seals, firstly a pair of females hauled out on rocks, and second and individual swimming only 40m off the port side.

The return leg of the survey provided further views of bottlenose dolphins, a lone individual leaping off Castell Bach and a further group of four foraging near Carreg Draenog.

1.5hr start time: 13:48

Weather Conditions: sea state 1-2, >10km, swell light.

A total of six bottlenose dolphins and one Atlantic grey seal were seen during the last survey trip of the day. Firstly a group of four adult bottlenose dolphins were seen leaping and tail slapping off New Quay fish factory, followed shortly after by a pair of adult dolphins travelling northeast toward Aberaeron. The final sighting of the trip was of a female Atlantic grey seal swimming 35m off the starboard side of the survey boat. Carreg Draenog.