25/09/2014: Bottlenose dolphins

2hr survey. start time 0900
Weather conditions: fair/overcast, sea state 2, wind SW
Six bottlenose dolphins

Bottlenose dolphins were seen throughout the survey with animals coming close into the harbour wall on many occasions displaying common foraging behaviour, and some leaps and jumps.

2hr survey. start time 1100
Weather conditions: Overcast/Mist, sea state 1, wind SW
Five bottlenose dolphins

At the beginning of the survey a group of four animals were foraging with leaps and jumps in the bay north of the harbour wall, with another animal foraging normally near the cardinal buoy. Animals continued to forage around the bay including close to the harbour wall for the entire survey.

2hr survey. start time 1300
Weather conditions: Overcast/Mist, Sea state 2, Wind S/SW
Eight bottlenose dolphins

Early in the survey seven dolphins were all foraging in the bay at once, with one individual traveling close into the harbour wall, and a group of three animals including a mother and calf leaping and splashing just a little further out. After a little while the animals moved out of the bay, and sometime later another individual was seen in the bay, foraging off the cliffs north of Dolau beach.

2hr survey. start time 1500
Weather conditions: Overcast/Rain, Sea state 2, Wind SW
Two bottlenose dolphins

Early in the survey one bottlenose dolphin began foraging out in the bay off Traeth Gwyn. Half way into the survey another individual also began foraging in the bay amongst the bay moorings. The animals continued to move around the bay for the rest of the survey showing normal foraging behaviour with deep dives.