25/09/13 – Bottlenose dolphins and Atlantic grey seal

2 hour survey, start time: 11:00
Weather conditions: Sunny, sea state: 1, wind: N-NE
1 Atlantic grey seal

The only sighting of the survey was an Atlantic grey seal that was seen swimming in the direction of the harbour wall after the first half hour of the survey.

2 hour survey, start time: 15:00
Weather conditions: Sunny, sea state: 1, wind: NE
Seven bottlenose dolphins, including one calf

There were no sightings during the first one hour and a quarter of the survey period. Five bottlenose dolphins, including one calf, were then sighted heading in an easterly direction from the fish factory. The dolphins were spread out with two groups of two, one of which was a mother and calf, and a single adult ahead of them. The one dolphin remained on its own for the remainder of the survey period close to the cardinal buoy where it appeared to be foraging. In the last half hour of the survey four dolphins (including the calf) were joined by one other dolphin and were seen leaping and circling close to the fish factory. In the last 15 minutes of the survey four of the group (including the calf) remained in the same area appearing to be foraging. The fifth dolphin was seen foraging close to the cardinal buoy, whilst a seventh dolphin appeared travelling from the fish factory taking long dives.