25/07/2017: 13 Bottlenose Dolphins, 17 Harbour Porpoise and 19 Atlantic Grey Seals



All day survey (8 hours), start time 09:41

Weather Conditions: sea state 0-2, visibility 1-10, light swell

13 Bottlenose Dolphins, 17 Harbour Porpoise, 19 Atlantic Grey Seals


The first sighting of the day was of 3 bottlenose dolphins near the Cardinal marker. Their behaviour is unknown as it was a brief encounter. 17 Harbour Porpoise were seen throughout the day within 9 different groups. One group of Porpoise were travelling south and regularly surfaced 100 meters away from the Anna Lloyd. 19 Atlantic Grey Seals were also seen hauled out and bottling, mainly around Cardigan Island. As for Bottlenose Dolphins, six pods were seen throughout the survey, with 13 individuals. The dolphin behaviour included leaping, lunging, bow-riding, milling, travelling, socialising and feeding on fish. Dolphins were also seen interacting with jellyfish. As well as marine mammal sightings, there were a number of exciting birds spotted. A number of Manx Shearwaters were seen as well as 7 Storm Petrels which is highly unusual. A lone puffin was also spotted which is very rare.