25/06/13: Bottlenose dolphins

2hr survey, Start time: 09:00
Weather conditions: Fair-sunny, sea state 1-2, wind N-NW.
Four bottlenose dolphins

Two dolphins spotted just off the harbour wall travelling towards the cardinal buoy to join another two taking longer dives. Three remained at the cardinal buoy whilst one split off and travelled into the harbour south of the harbour wall but had left the survey area but the second half of the survey. The remaining dolphins continued to take long dives, thought to be looking for food then fast travelling west towards the fish factory.

2hr survey, Start time: 11:00
Weather conditions: Sunny, sea state 1, wind N-NW.
Two bottlenose dolphins

Two dolphins were seen in the first interval of the survey milling far north of the harbour wall before leaving the survey area after the first 15 minutes.

2hr survey, Start time: 13:00
Weather conditions: Sunny, sea state 1, wind N-NW
Three bottlenose dolphins

Nothing was seen in the first 30 minutes of the survey then two dolphins were seen travelling east from behind the fish factory. They remained north of the harbour wall taking longer dives, thought to be looking for food. The remained there until joined by a mother and calf and travelled south, nearer to the harbour wall. Their numbers reduced back down to two and the remaining dolphins returned to near the fish factory and took longer dives surfacing irregularly.

2hr survey, Start time: 15:00
Weather conditions: Sunny-fair, sea state 1, wind NW
7 Bottlenose dolphins

In the first half of the survey the numbers of dolphins varied from three to five when present with no dolphins being seen in the second 15 minutes interval. They were taking longer dives and surfacing irregularly. In the second half of the survey some of the dolphins were leaping and lunging. The numbers of dolphins present went down to a mother and a calf but then increased to seven by the end of the survey. They were fast travelling NNW as one group when the survey ended.