24/07/13 Bottlenose dolphins

2 hour survey, start time 9.00
Weather conditions: fair/sunny/overcast and dull, sea state 1, wind S/SE
Six bottlenose dolphins

During the survey a total of six bottlenose dolphins were seen, mainly foraging and travelling around the harbour wall and cardinal boy. One bottlenose dolphin was also sighted behind the harbour wall in front of the beach.

2 hour survey, start time 11.00
Weather conditions: sunny/overcast and dull, sea state 2-3, wind SW
Seven bottlenose dolphins

A total of seven bottlenose dolphins were spotted during this survey foraging and travelling. In the first half an hour of the watch a pod of four dolphins and one calf were seen foraging just off the harbour wall. The dolphins then remained in the bay for the whole survey, mainly around the cardinal boy and harbour wall.

2 hour survey, start time 13.00
Weather conditions: fair/sunny, sea state 2, wind SW
Six bottlenose dolphins

Six bottlenose dolphins were seen in total, all foraging around the harbour wall, off the fish factory and by the cardinal boy. Of these dolphins one is believed to be a calf.