24/07/11: 28 Bottlenose dolphins, 4 Harbour porpoises and 4 Atlantic grey seals.

All day survey, Start time 09.12
Weather Conditions; sea state 0-3, visibility >10km, light swell.

This was an all day survey trip that ventured down to Fishguard and returned three miles offshore. There was in total 17 different animal encounters across the day. There were lots of dolphins spotted at various locations down the coast, they were seen approaching the boat, leaping, bow riding, travelling at high speeds and foraging. At 11.00 two larger groups of bottlenose dolphins came together and when seen socialising just off Aberporth Bay. There was also a very unique sighting of two harbour porpoises that were seen foraging right up close to the boat, a behaviour not normally shown by these shyer animals. A few Atlantic grey seals were also spotted swimming in the water at various locations.