24/06/2015: 12 bottlenose dolphins and 8 Atlantic grey seals

2hr survey. Start time 10:45

Weather conditions: sea state 1-3, visibility: 1-10/>10km, light swell.

Five bottlenose dolphins, 5 Atlantic grey seals

The first sighting of this survey was of four Atlantic grey seals by bird rock 10 minutes into the trip. Three of these seals were bottling in the water while a forth, female individual was hauled out on the rocks. An hour into the survey three very active bottlenose dolphins were spotted at Ynys Lochtyn. From the boat we saw one of the dolphins chasing a fish while the others were leaping and briefly bow riding. On the way back a grey seal was spotted in the water just off the boat before diving out of site. In the last 15 minutes of the trip two more dolphins were spotted by bird rock foraging and slowly travelling south.


2hr survey. Start time 12:45

Weather conditions: sea state 2, visibility: 1-10km, light swell.

Four bottlenose dolphins, 1 Atlantic grey seal

15 minutes into the survey two dolphins were spotted foraging about 300m away from the boat. Nothing was seen for approximately an hour until two more bottlenose dolphins were sighted, one of them foraging, while the other displayed behaviours such as lunging and leaping 250m from the boat. At the same time, an Atlantic grey seal was also identified in the water.


2hr survey. Start time 14:45

Weather conditions: sea state 2, visibility: 1-10/>10km, light swell.

Three bottlenose dolphins, 2 Atlantic grey seals

10 minutes into the survey a bottlenose dolphin was spotted foraging 200m from the boat, quickly followed by a female Atlantic grey seal in the water 50m from the boat. One hour later, 400m from the boat, an individual bottlenose dolphin was seen travelling south. At 3:50pm another dolphin was identified foraging. A bottling Atlantic grey seal was sighted bottling 10 minutes later 50m from the boats starboard side.