24/05/2016: 11 Bottlenose Dolphins and 5 Atlantic Grey Seals

2hr survey. Start time 10:45
Weather condition: sea state 2-3, visibility >10km, light swell
11 bottlenose dolphins and 3 Atlantic grey seals

Within the first ten minutes of the survey, three bottlenose dolphins (including a juvenile) and one Atlantic grey seal were seen. The seal was observed close to the boat and was in the water about 15 metres away. Two of the dolphins were thought to be a mother and juvenile and they were seen travelling and foraging just 40 metres away from the boat. The third dolphin seen during this sighting was also observed foraging and was around 150 metres away from the boat.
Between 11:38am and 11:46am, six bottlenose dolphins (including a juvenile) were observed travelling towards the boat and they then all grouped together and began bow-riding the boat.
At 12:04pm, an adult bottlenose dolphin with a juvenile were seen foraging about 30 metres away from the boat and towards the end of the survey, two female Atlantic grey seals were sighted in the water before the survey ended at 12:43.

2hr survey. Start time 14:54
Weather condition: sea state 3, visibility >10km, light swell
2 Atlantic grey seals

No dolphins were sighted during this survey however, two adult male Atlantic grey seals were observed in the water towards the end of the survey period. Throughout the survey, various seabird species were seen including guillemots, razorbills, cormorants, black-backed gulls and gannets.