23/10/2013 – Bottlenose dolphins and Atlantic grey seals

2 hour survey, start time 09:00
Weather conditions Overcast/fair. Sea state 4, wind SW
Six bottlenose dolphins and one Atlantic grey seal

One grey seal was seen close to the harbour wall after 30 minutes of surveying, followed by one bottlenose dolphin travelling west from the cardinal buoy across the harbour in the following 15 minutes. As the second survey hour began, more dolphins started entering the harbour with three dolphins, including a calf, swimming around the harbour wall and another dolphin foraging at depth towards the cardinal buoy area. Gradually all six dolphins, including a calf, were seen travelling around near the harbour wall and seen milling around at the surface.

2 hour survey, start time 11:00
Weather conditions Fair/sunny. Sea state 4, wind W
Five bottlenose dolphins

To begin the survey, two bottlenose dolphins were seen foraging at depth next to the cardinal buoy where they continued to stay for the following hour, being joined by another dolphin after 45 minutes. A grey seal was also seen at the beginning swimming by the harbour wall. Five bottlenose dolphins were then seen travelling west out past the fish factory and were not seen for the rest of the survey. A grey seal was seen swimming a short way away from the harbour wall and then nothing was seen for the remaining 30 minutes.

2 hour survey, start time 13:00
Weather conditions Fair. Sea state 3-4, wind W/WNW
No sightings

No sightings during this survey.

2 hour survey, start time 15:00
Weather conditions Fair/sunny/overcast. Sea state 3-4, wind W
One Atlantic grey seal

An Atlantic grey seal was seen swimming close to the harbour wall after 15 minutes of surveying and no further sightings occurred throughout the survey.