23/09/2015: 11 Bottlenose Dolphins and three Atlantic Grey Seals

2hr survey. Start time 09:00.
Weather conditions: Fair, sea state 2, wind direction SW.
One Bottlenose Dolphin.

At around 09:15, a lone adult Bottlenose Dolphin was sighted travelling to the east just off the end of the harbour wall. The sighting was only brief, as the dolphin only surfaced a few times, but it was then seen again about half an hour later, a little further out to sea, but still heading to the east. There were no further sightings from this survey.

2hr survey. Start time: 11:00.
Weather conditions: Dull/overcast, occasionally fair, sea state 2 becoming 1, wind direction S to SW.
Two Bottlenose Dolphins and one Atlantic Grey Seal pup.

From the start of this survey, there was an Atlantic Grey Seal pup hauled out on Dolau, where it remained for the whole survey. In the last 15 minutes of this survey, there were two Bottlenose Dolphins seen, one near the harbour wall, and one further out. The closer of the two dolphins was a juvenile, seen travelling to the east, while the other was an adult, thought to be foraging at depth.

2hr survey. Start time 13:00.
Weather conditions: Dull/overcast with occasional rain, sea state 1 to 2, wind direction SW.
Five Bottlenose Dolphins and three Atlantic Grey Seals.

The seal pup from the previous survey was still present on the beach for the first half hour of this survey, after which it moved out into the water to join up with an adult female that was seen in the area. These two were briefly joined by an adult male seal as well, but they quickly went separate ways. The male came back in the last half hour of the survey, where he stayed in the water in front of the harbour wall. at the beginning of the survey, a lone dolphin was seen travelling towards the harbour, but disappeared shortly after. In the second 15 minute section, two dolphins were seen off shore, one foraging off the fish factory, the other travelling to the west. At around 13:30 there were three dolphins seen, one near the fish factory, one about a third of the way out to the cardinal buoy, and the other near the harbour wall, but inside the harbour itself. These dolphins did not stay in the same place for long, as in the next section there was only one seen travelling west around the fish factory. This dolphin was thought to be hunting on the move. At 14:00 and for half an hour after, there was a lone adult dolphin seen out past the fish factory headland, thought to be foraging at depth, and then following prey to the west. There was also another dolphin made an appearance at around 14:15 near the harbour wall, where it was seen foraging at depth before moving away to the west.

2hr survey. Start time 15:00.
Weather conditions: Rain, occasionally dull/overcast, sea state 3, wind direction S.
Three Bottlenose Dolphins and one Atlantic Grey Seal pup.

At the start of this survey, there were two dolphins seen, one off the harbour wall, and the other near the cardinal marker, both of them were thought to be foraging on the move. After 15 minutes, these two were joined by another adult dolphin, though they did not form a larger group, they remained independent. In this section the seal pup from earlier in the day also reappeared, but on the rocks between the beach and the fish factory, rather than on the beach itself. The dolphins moved around the bay, foraging in various places, until one of them moved away at around 16:00, but the other two remained in the bay for the rest of the survey, foraging in fixed places and also on the move.