23/08/2016: 14 bottlenose dolphins, three Atlantic grey seals

4hr survey. Start time 09:46
Weather conditions: sea state 1-2, visibility >10km, light swell
13 bottlenose dolphins

There were two sightings during this survey, the first occurred towards the beginning of the survey whereby a group of four bottlenose dolphins comprising of two adults and two calves were seen a short distance from the boat foraging. Later into the survey another large group consisting of five adults, three juveniles and a calf were observed displaying various behaviours at the surface; they were seen foraging and socialising, they also showed more acrobatic behaviour such as lunging, leaping, and tail-slapping. There was also a group of seven gannets that were associating with the second group of dolphins.

2hr survey. Start time 11:58
Weather conditions: sea state 1-2, visibility >10km, light swell
One Atlantic grey seal

An adult seal was sighted late into the survey feeding in the water close to the boat. There were no other sightings for the remainder of the survey.

2hr survey. Start time 13:44
Weather conditions: sea state 1-3, visibility >10km, light swell

No sightings.

2hr survey. Start time 15:55
Weather conditions: sea state 1-3, visibility 1-10/>10km, light/medium swell
One bottlenose dolphin, two Atlantic grey seals

The first sighting of the survey was made as the boat began its return trip to New Quay harbour; a male Atlantic grey seal was spotted very close to the boat in the water. Another seal was seen a few minutes later again in the water very close to the boat. The final sighting occurred within the New Quay bay area as the survey was nearing an end, where a bottlenose dolphin was spotted foraging next to the cardinal buoy.