23/07/2013: 36 bottlenose dolphins, 4 Atlantic grey seals

2hr survey, start time 10.00
Weather conditions: visibility 1-10km, sea state 1-2, light swell
Twenty bottlenose dolphins, one Atlantic grey seal

The survey began with one bottlenose dolphin just metres from the rocks at the end of the harbour wall, the dolphin was diving and thought to be foraging. Throughout the next half hour of the survey, several dolphins were seen reasonably near to the boat diving and foraging along the coastline between the fish factory and the first bird colony. A grey seal was also spotted swimming close to the rocks in this area.  During the remainder of the survey, sixteen dolphins were spotted, with one being a calf. Five of these plus the calf rode the bow of the boat between target rock and just past the fish factory.

2hr survey, start time 14.00
Weather conditions: visibility >10km, sea state 1-3, light-moderate swell
Eight bottlenose dolphins, three Atlantic grey seals

One dolphin was seen foraging near to the harbour wall at the beginning of the survey. After twenty minutes, a further five dolphins were spotted travelling near to target rock. Three female grey seals were then seen, with one being in the water and two hauled out on the rocks close to Cwm Tydu. On the return to New Quay harbour, two dolphins were seen foraging offshore from the fish factory.

2hr survey, start time 16.00
Weather conditions: visibility >10km, sea state 0-2, light swell
Eight bottlenose dolphins

One dolphin was observed offshore from the harbour wall and was travelling East. Another two dolphins were seen milling and foraging 40metres from the first dolphin, near to the harbour wall.  A dolphin was also spotted travelling west away from the fish factory and an additional four dolphins were seen leaping and foraging, with fish seen, near to the fish factory.