23/07/12: Bottlenose Dolphins

2hr survey; Start time: 07:00

Weather conditions: overcast/sunny; sea state:2-3; wind direction: S SE

One bottlenose dolphin


One dolphin seen briefly during the survey thought to be foraging for food at depth.


2hr survey; Start time: 09:00

Weather conditions: fair; sea state; 2-3; wind direction; S SW

Nine bottlenose dolphins


Dolphins seen throughout the survey foraging and mingling at the surface.

2hr survey; Start time: 11:00

Weather condition: fair/sunny/overcast; sea state: 2-3; wind direction SW

Five bottlenose dolphins


Five bottlenose dolphins including a calf seen throughout the survey travelling in a group and foraging for food.

2hr survey; Start time: 13:00

Weather conditions: sunny: sea state 1-2; wind direction S SW

Eleven bottlenose dolphins


Eleven dolphins including one calf seen travelling, foraging at depth and mingling at the surface

2hr; Start time: 15:00

Weather conditions; sunny; sea state 1; wind direction SSW SSE

Six bottlenose dolphins


Six bottlenose dolphins seen throughout survey travelling and foraging at depth