23/04/11 – 11 bottlenose dolphins and four Atlantic grey seals

2 hr: start time 10:00

Weather conditions: sea state 0-1, 0-1km, light swell

The survey started with an amazing sighting of 11 bottlenose dolphins - ten adults and a calf. They were seen at 10:09 just off New Quay Headland and stayed with the boat for twenty four minutes. They were seen leaping and bow-riding close to the boat. At 10:51 an adult female Atlantic grey seal was spotted in the water just offshore from Trywyn Crou. At 10:58 two more adult Atlantic grey seals were spotted close to Ynys Lochtyn. The final sighting of the trip was of another female Atlantic grey seal in the water offshore from Pen–y-Badell. 

 2 hr: start time 12:00

Weather conditions: sea state 3-4, 1-10km, light swell

 No sightings

2 hr: start time 14:00

Weather conditions: sea state 4, 1-10 km, medium swell

 No sightings