22/09/2013: 12 Bottlenose Dolphins and 5 Atlantic Grey seals

2 hour survey, start time 12:00
Weather conditions: sea state 0, visibility>10km, light swell

Our first sighting during this boat trip were two bottlenose dolphins observed foraging at depth. We then saw a large bull Atlantic Grey seal in the water. A Bottlenose dolphin approached the boat and swam beneath the bow as we drove past and shortly after we observed another Atlantic Grey seal in the water and then as we passed a beach near Cwmtydu and saw another adult and two new borns. There were no other sightings as we headed back into the harbour.

4 hour survey, start time 14:00
Weather conditions: sea state 0, visibility>10km, light swell

In the first hour of the survey 3 Atlantic Grey seals were first spotted hauled out on land and an adult Bottlenose dolphin was seen foraging and travelling in a south west direction. Half an hour later 5 adult Bottlenose dolphins were observed travelling fast in a southerly direction and leaping. Shortly after that another adult was seen travelling west. An adult was seen milling about on the surface. In the third hour of the survey 4 adult Bottlenose dolphins were seen travelling and leaping.