22/08/2016: Thirteen bottlenose dolphins

1.5hr survey. Start time 10:15
Weather conditions: sea state 2-4, visibility 1-10km, light-medium swell
Six bottlenose dolphins

At the beginning of the survey, two bottlenose dolphins were seen in New Quay Bay, tail slapping, lunging, leaping, foraging, and travelling in a north-westerly direction. Shortly before the end of the survey, four bottlenose dolphins were again spotted in New Quay Bay, foraging, lunging, tail slapping, leaping, and in close contact.

1.5hr survey. Start time 11:45
Weather conditions: sea state 1-4, visibility 1->10km, light-medium swell
Seven bottlenose dolphins

Five bottlenose dolphins were spotted early on in the survey in New Quay Bay. Sightings of a further two bottlenose dolphins were again made just before the end of the survey period.