2/11/2017: Bottlenose dolphins

8hr survey, start time 08:42
Weather conditions: sea state 1-3, visibility >10km, light swell
81 Bottlenose dolphins

Ten minutes into this survey a total of 11 bottlenose dolphins were seen travelling and this group included 6 adults, 1 juvenile and 4 calves. Then half an hour later the next sighting came of 6 adult bottlenose dolphins and then soon after this three more adult dolphins were seen. At around half ten 7 more bottlenose dolphins were seen foraging 150m from the boat. In the following hour an extra 9 bottlenose dolphins were seen including 1 calf and 1 juvenile. Then at half past twelve a large group of 25 bottlenose dolphins were seen leaping, vocalising and approaching the boat amongst other behaviours. An hour later the final two sightings came in quick succession and this was made up of a first group of 9, including a juvenile, two calves and a new-born. These were seen foraging, socialising and leaping. This was followed by a group of eleven individuals which included two calves and these were also seen leaping, foraging and bow-riding.